Summer road trips

SandbanksSummer rushed by, each day its own tiny, colourful swirl.  Not that it felt like much of a summer — most days landed on our porch with a wet, cold thud.

But we wanted one last road trip before fall arrives.  So we packed the baby and the dog in our tiny car and headed towards Montreal for an Arcade Fire concert.

This is the first long road trip we’ve done with Devon so far.  Baby was so excited he fell asleep all the way there.

On the way to Montreal we camped at Sandbanks and went around Prince Edward County to locate wine and cheese and birdhouses.  We picked some lovely days to be outside.
The days were warm, the mornings crisp, and all night our Devon turned into a bear.

Montreal was lovely as long as you don’t plan to drive anywhere.  Our hotel was right in Chinatown — an easy walk to both the subway and downtown.  During the day we strolled through town and church crypts, and at night we took the Metro to the Arcade Fire concert.


This is the first time Devon went on a metro.  The rush of metal going by the platform mesmerized him.  He keep staring out the window while we were inside the steel cage speeding across the river underground.  Now and again another train would swish by us, Devon’s eyes following each passing car.

Devon was a hit at the concert.  He was the only four-month kid there and everyone cheered him on.  People shook hands with us as we passed by.  “You’re a beautiful family,” they said in languages we don’t fully understand. And the show was amazing.  Too bad Devon was asleep by that point — he missed out on the flying saucers.

Yay road trips.

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