Bayfield in the fall

Hell HoundRight after Halloween we decided to go on a road trip to Bayfield.  “A second honeymoon,” I said.  This time, we took the dog with us.  She brought her horns.  Yay!

We first went to Bayfield on our second date — it was early March, but the temperature hit 30 degrees that day.  We sunbathed on the beach and fell in love with the place.  And each other.  And on the same beach I asked Shauna to marry me and she said yes.

Bayfield is even lovely in the fall.  Most trees were naked driving up to Bayfield right at the beginning of November, but when we got there the trees still had their leaves and they were gently changing colours.  We walked around town holding hands and breathing in the evening air.  Everything was warm, lovely and the dog seemed to enjoy our second honeymoon too.

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