Yay! We’re married!

Photo Credit Chris: http://christopheru.smugmug.com/
Photo Credit Chris: http://christopheru.smugmug.com/

After a year of anticipation and preparation we’re finally married!  And we couldn’t be happier.  Despite the rain we had an absolutely perfect day with all of you and enjoyed spending time chatting with each of you individually.

You, our friends and family, have made this celebration real and meaningful for us.  We can’t thank you enough for being a part of our day!

We would like to especially thank:

  • All the food makers — you made our bellies happy
  • Cathy, Wally, Jeremy, Heather, Laura, Kristen, Grant, Lori, Damien, and Zachary for the assistance setting up the barn the day before
  • Sra and Sherry for crafting a wonderful bouquet at the last moment
  • Sra, Jeremy, Heather, Sherry, and Regan for helping us stay organized during the wedding
  • Our parents for all the assistance during, before and after the wedding day
  • The cleanup crew for getting us out of there on time
  • Amy for being the designated DJ

We are planning to send all of you who made it out our gratitude in the mail — please send us your addresses :).

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