Honeymoon adventures

Bike garage

Our wedding day was rainy and cold. That last day of summer felt like the end of fall, and we were especially glad we could party out in the barn and snuggle.  Thus, we didn’t quite know how much rain to expect on our honeymoon.

All we knew is that we wanted to go outside and play.

So we did.   We packed our bikes and headed for Lake Huron for a week.  The weather was splendid.  We biked up and down the coast from Bayfield, to Goderich and further up past Kincardin.  The bikes slid across asphalt like a dream. We had nothing but blue skies above us and we were happy.

For the second leg of the honeymoon, we drove down to Niagara-on-the-lake and biked to Niagara falls.  The bike route along Niagara river is probably one of the loveliest rides we’ve been on so far.

We came back home to new floors and an excited Ryder dog.  We brought back with us all sorts of plans for where to go biking next — and photos.  We’re pretty excited to be married :).

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