Bachelor party awesomeness

The gang
I’ve been looking forward to my bachelor party all month.  So much so I told everyone at work.

“It’s a surprise,” I said.  “All I know is that Shauna is crashing the party.”

“Bad idea,” the guys at work said.  “But it seems like a fine idea to me,” I said.  “After all, I got to crash her party.”

So off we went to meet Sherry, the best woman, in Barrie.  “Did you guess yet where we are going?” Sherry asked.

“Are we going to see turtles?” I asked.  Barrie is famous for its turtle petting zoos.

But instead of petting turtles, Sherry took us on a whirlwind tour of Collingwood and the Blue Mountains.  We got to spelunk in caves, ride tiny trains, climb dangerous things, go down mountains in roller coasters and cosmic bowl.

In the morning we got to eat bacon and pet babies.  Awesome!

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