Yay Love!

We had such an amazing time at Janine and Bruce’s wedding this weekend — it was the first party we went to without having to worry about the baby. Whoo! Look at us drink and not get all slobbered by a toddler for one solid evening: Janine and Bruce were …


Park Enthusiasm

“Let’s go to the park” is Devon’s favourite phrase right now. It’s the first thing he says in the morning, and the last thing he says when we’re about to go to bed. “Let’s go to the park.” And the entire time we’re there he has a blast. Big slides …


Kitchen Help

When Shauna is working on weekends, Devon and I are in charge of dinner. We usually keep it simple: last night we cooked leeks with home-made egg noodles. Devon was in charge of the eggs. He’s just learning how to crack them open, and he thinks they’re gooey when he …



After getting shushed last week when roaring in the library, Devon is now an enthusiastic shusher of other people. He walks around each floor and tells loud people to shush. We made a tiny librarian baby:


Heat record

We set a new heat record today, and that’s OK with Devon! He gets to enjoy the splash pad for one more …


Toddlers and Ladders

We finally got a ladder to fix things around the house. Or, we thought we bought a ladder. A jungle gym is …


Around Town

We’ve been working pretty hard this Labour Day weekend. I’ve been on call for my work, but we still took some time …


Toddler party weekend

Devon is a party guy. The party started early Saturday morning at the library where he chased giant frogs and stuffed crayons …


Library Visits

Shauna is a librarian, so most days the library comes to us: she brings home lots of baby books for us to …


Summer Trip (Part 3)

We ended our camping adventure by taking a long, lovely bike ride with our toddler to the beach early one morning. We …