Pumpkin Carving

We had a “stay home in your super moose pajamas and decorate pumpkins” sort of day. Devon got to draw “happy, happy, happy” faces on the pumpkins, which was definitely his favourite. He wasn’t too enthusiastic about scooping up the gooey guts, but those guts proved pretty delicious once cooked.


Work Life

It’s been an uncertain, emotional week at work. All 200 development jobs in our building are being moved to India, and while my job hasn’t been impacted yet, I figured this is a good week to keep my cubicle clean. So this weekend I brought Devon into the office to …


Spider Nest

Someone is excited for Halloween! Devon has been dressing up like a ghost for weeks now and chasing us around the house. “Booooo,” he says. He’s a wonderfully convincing ghost, and best of all loves to be scared back. In the evening, we walk the dog and he points out …


Last weekend for yard work

Now that he’s a toddler, Devon has evolved from a common garden pest to a really useful helper in the yard. October has been surprisingly nice and we’ve taken some time do to some last minute weeding, pruning, fixing, and digging in the yard. Devon helped every step of the …


Whoa! Sharks!

We got Devon up early on Thursday: “We’re going to go see an octopus!” And all the way to Toronto he kept …


Biking down the Grand

We took a few days off after Thanksgivings to bike up and down along the Grand River. We didn’t expect the weather …



Devon got to go to three Thanksgivings feasts this year, which is three times the fun! While we struggled with some runny …



The crocodile I found by the side of the road is now Devon’s favourite toy: it bites noses, eats his food, swims …


Rainy weekend

This is the first weekend that felt like fall: rain, wind, leaves washing down the gutters. Keeping a toddler busy and happy …


Blue Mountain

On long car trips, I like to tell Devon stories. I think they’re soothing. But Devon hates car rides, and he mostly …