Library Visits

Shauna is a librarian, so most days the library comes to us: she brings home lots of baby books for us to read. Thus, Devon hasn’t been to the local library since he was little: Now that he’s a bit bigger, we started dropping by KPL more often on our …


Summer Trip (Part 3)

We ended our camping adventure by taking a long, lovely bike ride with our toddler to the beach early one morning. We biked from Port Elgin to Southampton along the shore of Lake Huron. The trail is extra pretty on cool, bright mornings — bikes zoom by right near the …


Wild Child (Summer Trip Part 2)

We picked up a happy toddler after our lovely bike ride around Georgian Bay and set up camp at MacGregor Point. During the week we spent in the woods, it was amazing to see our generally well-behaved toddler grow increasingly wild. By the middle of the week he was covered …


Summer Trip (Part 1)

We’ve been looking forward to playing outside this summer for a long time. Last week we finally got to pack up our tent and bikes, and headed up north for one uninterrupted week of forest adventures. For the first night, we left Devon to party at grandma’s house while we …


Blue House

Shauna and I used to live in a tiny white house and happily grew potatoes and sunflowers all summer long. But each …


Happy Hillside

Whee! We’ve been taking Devon to the Hillside music festival every summer since he was born for a day or so of …


Toddler bike trips

Our friend Paula invited us to pick cherries at her farm — last sweet cherries of the season. So we spent the …



It’s been a hot summer, so our raspberries ripened all at once. Which is great, because we made a raspberry bear:


Long weekend

For the Canada Day weekend, we took Devon to visit family on the farm. On the way up, we drove past all …


Cherry Season

Our friend Paula has a cherry farm near Jordan Station. Last year was the first year we went over to pick cherries. …